Keeping up with Technology

How can I continue to improve my professional practice with technology use in the classroom so that all technology uses and resources are kept current and up-to-date?


As teachers, our practice is continually changing and never ceasing to be fully refined. Although this might sound exhausting, I find it to be extremely exciting and challenging. Alongside teaching, technology is also constantly changing and because technology and teaching have been closely intertwined, many teachers have found it to be difficult to keep up with the trends of teaching while also feeling pressured to keep up-to- date with technology. I have found that making an extra effort to keep up with both pays back great rewards for our students’ learning, engagement, and preparation for college, career, and life. Jacqui (2015) lays out five ways teachers can “stay on top of technology.” The author suggests practical and applicable steps that teachers can take in improving practice with technology, which will support them in aligning their classroom practices to ISTE Standard 5. These steps propose listening to technology pod casts on the way to school, taking time at the end of the school year and searching for technology trends of the year, becoming familiar with current tech devises at home so they’re more approachable at school, finding a person who you can go to with tech questions, and seeking out articles that talk about the newest technologies and their benefits to society. As the author elaborates on each sub- section, she stresses the responsibilities that teachers have in exposing and encouraging up- to- date technology resources in the classroom.

A colleague of mine, Stephanie, suggested trainings from the technology leader at each school to encourage and support the integration of technology in education. It would be a great benefit to the school staff to receive an annual training from the tech teacher to inform them on the newest and up- and- coming technology resources. The difficult part that I ran into with this idea is realizing that not all schools have a tech leader onsite. It may become essential for districts to budget in funding for a district wide tech teacher/leader who floats from school to school since technology is becoming a critical resource in education.



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3 Responses to Keeping up with Technology

  1. linda says:

    Hi Kendall. Thank you for sharing. I agree that it is important to collaborate with colleagues to provide each other with different experiences and skills in order to grow one another.


  2. millers12 says:

    Hi Kendall,

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned! I agree that there is a lot to learn and keep on top of. I definitely agree that it would be helpful for schools and/or districts to have a tech leader to help teachers stay current on educational technology. Let’s hope that maybe this catches on as educational technology continues to be prominent in the educational field.

    Thanks again for sharing,


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