Safe Tech Use in the Classroom Starts with Training our Teachers

How can teachers model and teach ethical, safe, and legal use of digital information and technology to my students?imgres.jpg

Pairing technology with learning is increasing at rapid speeds for many reasons. A majority of working jobs and careers today require the employee to be confident with technology because today much of the work that is being done is interacting with a technology device. As teachers are preparing their students to be successful in the next level of education and beyond education, they must model and provide space for students to become competent with technology. With that, research shows that there are a large number of the benefits for students and teachers when technology resources are incorporated into the classroom. Some benefits include effective and efficient differentiated learning programs, high student engagement, efficient and organized record keeping, and technology provides many ways to include visual learning which provides deep learning and understanding.

Although there are extensive benefits with technology in the classroom, unethical, unsafe, and illegal use has been proven to be easily available. Hicks (2004) offers detailed and vital information for teachers who encourage and model technology use in the classroom. The author clearly informs that teachers who are not properly trained with technology use in the classroom can put their students at great risk that can set students up for failure. Because technology is very rapidly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, the article makes it clear that teachers must be explicitly aware of the dangers that technology brings such as easily accessible pornographic images, internet predators, the risk of grade hacks, and much more. My colleague, ostenk, mentioned that speakers are made available to come to schools to educate parents and teachers about ghost apps that can be installed on computers, iPads, and tablets. This misuse of apps can be detrimental to student learning. The speaker informs the parents and teachers how to spot the apps, how to destroy them, and how to have a safety conversation with students about technology misuse. When teachers are professionally trained, they are more able to train their students on safe internet and technology use. This model of training will benefit all parties involved, such as teachers and students and will support teachers in promoting and modeling digital etiquette (ISTE 4). With this as a foundation, teachers and students are much free to use technology for its original intent; to create accessible communication platforms, learning opportunities, and rich exploration of information. (Links to an external site.)

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2 Responses to Safe Tech Use in the Classroom Starts with Training our Teachers

  1. millers12 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I definitely agree with you that we have an obligation as teachers to be informed so we are able teach our students about safe technology use. I think understanding that is an important first step, and it is good to know that there are some resources to help us get informed.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  2. langdonk6 says:

    Thank your for your feedback. I think you’re right in saying that it’s good to know that there are some resources to help teachers get informed.
    Thanks again,


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