Enhancing Learing with Technology

How can technology enhance student learning in a kindergarten classroom?

Technology can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom to enhance student learning. Technology creates countless opportunities for learning to be differentiated, interactive, fun, and engaging. One of the first steps to learning is engagement. According to the article How to Use Technology to Enhance a Lesson (2011),  technology has a great advantage in learning because it creates games, puzzles, and interactive readings where students forget they are learning. Differentiated learning is also very accessible for every single student. Students are able to move through their learning at their own pace.

This provides the opportunity to spend more time on concepts they are not mastering or pushing a student though concepts that are not challenging them. These advantages can be helpful in all subjects, math and science included. Technology in the classroom can be used in the form of computers, computer games, word processing, teacher websites, digital textbooks, pod casts, blogs, and many more ways (Concordia, 2011). These platforms create space where in depth learning, debating, exploring, researching, and conversing can take place. The skills that students use from working with technology will not only benefit their learning, but will also better prepare them for life in the work force.




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