Course Reflection- Program Standard: Professional Practice Criteria

Over the course of this quarter, I have learned that effective teachers participate collaboratively in knowledge and practice of teaching as a profession to best impact enduring student learning. This course has deepened my knowledge and experience with participating in a professional community and creating relationships with other colleagues that are characterized by mutual support and cooperation.

Competence, character, service, and leadership are essential dispositions in order to grow personally and professionally. These four dispositions also lead to positively impacting student learning. According to the handbook, competence is the mastery in the ability to plan and deliver instruction, use technology to support learning for all students, and address the diverse needs of all students and their communities. Character is defined as serving the student and community first while holding tightly to ethical standards. Service focuses on imitating the character of Christ by leading by serving others. Lastly, motivating students and teachers toward accomplishing goals, organizing collaborative work, and responsibly guiding students to academic and personal growth are all characteristic of leadership. Constantly working toward and committing to the embodiment of these themes will provide deep meaning for this vocation, result in relationship with other colleagues, and will positively impact student learning.

When teachers work together to enhance the quality of planning, instruction, and assessment student learning is more likely to increase. Professional collaboration creates a space where teachers can share about what has been working well or what has not been working in the lessons and classrooms. It also provides a space where teachers can share new ideas, encourage each other, and plan lessons and units together. Collaborative group work will allow teachers to improve as professionals and continue to learn from and with each other. The benefits of teacher collaboration will continue to improve the way that teachers manage their classroom and incorporate new instruction strategies.

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