Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

Knowledge and skills, dispositions, impact on student learning, and other characteristics…

There are 6 important characteristics of an effective educator. An effective educator has an evident love for learning, has an academic and personal care for their students, are organized, prepared, and competent, are goal oriented, has high expectations, and are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves as teachers. A teacher can only expect his or her students to have an interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning if it is first modeled in their teacher. Educators should be aware of this role and view it as a great responsibility. A teacher’s love for learning should be evident in their positive demeanor toward academic subjects, their creativity in presenting material, and by revealing the benefits and rewards of knowledge. Second, when an educator cares about the academic success of each individual student it motivates and encourages the student because they know that there is someone behind them that believes in their intellectual capabilities and is available to help them succeed. This creates confidence, resilience, and safety in risk taking. With that, when a student feels cared for as not only a student but also a person, they feel safe and secure. Students are more likely to succeed when they feel cared for because of who they are, not only their academic success. Organization, preparation, and competence create an efficient classroom environment because the teacher will have more time available to teach. Because teaching is all about the students, this is a very essential skill for all educators. Organization goes hand and hand with creating long-term and short-term goals for the teacher themselves, and for their students. These goals will be set with high expectations, which will guide learning, teaching, and provide purpose. Lastly, and effective educator is constantly looking for ways to improve themselves as teachers so that they can be the best teacher for their students. They are never stagnant in their teaching and are seeking new research material and accountability from other respected teachers and staff.

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